Reader Question: Still Recommend Being Democratic in Business?

Am I Still Recommending to be Democratic in Business?

So a few have asked now that the book is out – am I still / do I recommend being as democratic in business.

First, I would like to say – for the Ecommerce Gladiator venture, I was not supposed to be the leader. I was working towards bringing leader(s) together – mainly the CEO of the business (hustler) with the investor(s).

But my answer to the question is – NO. Seems there needs to be 1 leader who makes the final decision on major decisions. The big trouble with this is – what is a major decision? In a startup phase, most things are major, and things move fast – but if the company has developed, it should be done at the department level with budgets and targets.

But if I were to start this project over, and launch Ecommerce Gladiator 2.0 – I would have multiple teams. The problem was there was only 1 team, and they looked at me as the leader. If there were multiple teams, it would have put less confusion on my role. We didn’t do multiple teams as we didn’t want to risk too much if the program didn’t work out – but looking but – and forward – multiple teams would make it more clear for everyone that that team is to run on their own -with my managing and oversight.

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