Great Feedback on the Book!

Hi Mike. I have read you book on the flight back to Shanghai. Thank you for writing it as it gave me goose bumps to realize I am not alone. Although I am not an Amazon seller the journey of sourcing and shipping from China is very real for me too. For 8 years have been running a trading and logistics business. Some into a 9 figure business some failed miserably. Tried to handover my role to a new management which ended up back on my shoulders again. The most painful for me is not the sourcing part as you can control most of it by being on top of it. The most painful is that even though you want others in as the “genius” behind the product it will always be YOUR baby and no one elses’. The biggest obstacle to overcome is me, my mindset and my ability to dominate. Just like with you the human factor sometimes slows me down too. Anyway long story short. Thanks for what you are doing and I will make my story known to the outside world to pay it forward!

Simon de Raadt (西蒙)
China Expert | Cross-Border E-Commerce | Speaker | Sourcing | Logistics

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